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Average Retirement is a death sentence -– you go there to die.

Badass Retirement is a life sentence – you go there to live.

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The message in this book is a rallying cry for the few –  maybe you – who look around and desperately desire a more fulfilling and enriching path for their lives in retirement.

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Rage Against The BS Belief that Retirees are Weak/Frail

The traditional approach to retirement is failing us. It’s based on the belief that retirees and aging are synonymous with becoming weaker and less capable. That retirement is about winding down and playing it safe, because, you know, retirees are frail. This outdated and patronizing view assumes that when you retire from your job, you also retire from life.


Escape Average Retirement

Average Retirement is the pursuit to disengage, remove challenges, and create a life exclusively of relaxation.

Less. Less challenge. Less excitement. Less responsibility. Less adventure. Less financial security. Less impact. Less energy. Less boldness. Less joy. Less connection. Just less.

You’ve got one shot at retirement. There are no do-overs. No second chances. There is no next. Retirement is it.

What is Badass Retirement?

If you want your best days to be ahead of you. If you want to take on big challenges that give you purpose. If you want to feel stronger and have more energy with each passing day. If you want to make an impact and feel valued. If you want total financial security. If you want to live a bold life that's rich with excitement and adventure, welcome to Badass Retirement!

More. More fun. More excitement. More adventure. More financial security. More energy. More fulfillment. More impact. More connection. More joy. More meaning. Just more. 

Average Retirement is safe and conservative. Badass Retirement is rebellious and bold. Average Retirement is passive and restrained. Badass Retirement is uncompromising and adventurous.   

Average Retirement is the pursuit to do less, remove challenges, and minimize responsibilities. Instead of stripping away the things that give your life purpose and meaning, Badass Retirement is about adding projects, challenges, and adventures. Badass Retirement is moving forward and ramping up – about living life to the fullest.

Average Retirement is subtraction. Badass Retirement is addition.

Are you ready to create and live the most badass life possible in retirement?

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Stop worrying about money in retirement and being glued to CNBC.
Learn how to create lifetime retirement income today!

Upgrade your health, feel a sense of purpose, and have more meaning and fulfillment then you've ever had.

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The aim is not to simply improve retirement; it’s to replace retirement with something far better.

The Badass 5 Retirement System


Passion & Fulfillment


Feel that your days and life have purpose, you are needed, and you are growing and becoming.


Peace & Confidence


Feel financially secure, less worry about money or the stock market.


Energy & Ability


Feel good, live longer, have energy, be pain free and mobile.


Passion & Fulfillment


Feel wanted and connected with others, experience love and belonging.


Enthusiasm & Joy


Feel alive, have fun, and experience a rush and excitement.

The biggest mistakes I’ve seen retirees make is that they aim far too low, experience far too little, and never come close to reaching their human potential.

Why Listen To Me?

This book and message are personal for me…

Growing up, we had no money and even less opportunity. But even at a young age, I knew I wanted something different – something more. I'd watch adventure movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and dream of going to exotic countries and on adventures like Indiana Jones.

I overcame my background and created a life my younger self would not have believed. Over the past nearly three decades, I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping clients grow their wealth and enhance their lives in retirement. I earned a Ph.D. in financial and retirement planning, a master’s degree in psychology, and have written five personal finance books.

I’ve even gone on adventures that would make Indiana proud…

I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, hang glided in Brazil, ice-climbed in Colorado, mountain biked in Burma, trekked to the Great Wall of China, sky-dived in Fiji, explored the jungles of Thailand, journeyed over trails in New Zealand, white water rafted in Costa Rica, ziplined in Alaska, explored islands in the Philippines, biked through the streets of New Delhi, rode camels in Morocco, “surfed” in Nicaragua, hiked in Patagonia, hot air ballooned in the deserts of United Arab Emirates, jumped off waterfalls in Malaysia, and completed an Ironman with clients . . . and I’m just getting started.

But I remember what it felt like to have little and to struggle for everything. I’ve seen family members and clients sacrifice and work their entire lives only to pass away shortly into retirement.

Life is precious. There are no guarantees. All we can do is make the most of every moment.

That’s my promise to you

I’m on this journey with you. I didn’t write this book for you as much as I wrote it for us. I want to create and live a Badass Retirement as much as I want you to.

Badass Retirement is for people like us – people who want more from their lives in retirement.

The community needs you. I need you.

If you’re ready, let’s Escape Average Retirement together.