create your best life possible in retirement!

We’re constantly told that retirement is the “final chapter” in our lives, and what do too many retirees do?

We drift, pull back, and let go.

At the point in our lives when we have the most time, money, and ability, we do less. It kills me to think that people are giving up on achieving and doing important things in their lives.

Get the most out of life in retirement...
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RAGE AGAINST the Retirement Myth

Learn insider strategies that Robert Pagliarini, Ph.D, CFP has used for almost three decades to help thousands of clients grow their wealth and live there best lives in retirement.
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We've been conned.

It’s based on the belief that retirees and aging are synonymous with becoming weaker and less capable. That retirement is about winding down and playing it safe, because, you know, retirees are frail. This outdated and patronizing view assumes that when you retire from your job, you also retire from life.

Find out how that's not true!