May 21, 2023

Escape Average Retirement

Have you ever considered that the traditional approach to retirement is failing us?

It’s time to face the truth – we’ve been conned. The notion that retirees and aging are synonymous with becoming weaker and less capable is outdated and patronizing. Retirement is not about winding down and playing it safe. When you retire from your job, you do not retire from life.

In fact, retirement can be the most exciting phase of your life.

You have more time, money, resources, and wisdom than you’ve ever had. You can be more adventurous, pursue your dreams, and have a greater impact. Yet, the message we tell retirees is to take it easy, avoid challenges, and create a life of comfort. We fall for the Retirement Myth – the widely held belief that a successful retirement is about pulling back and doing less. The reality is that this false idea can lead to an unfulfilling and average retirement.

The pursuit of an average retirement is the desire to disengage, remove challenges, and create a life exclusively of relaxation.

This might describe the ideal retirement for many, but it is what makes retirement unfulfilling and unexciting for others. The biggest mistake retirees make is aiming too low, experiencing too little, and never coming close to reaching their human potential.

You’ve got one shot at retirement – there are no do-overs, no second chances, no next.

Retirement is it. You need to stop playing the long game as if next year or even tomorrow is guaranteed. Instead, you need to start playing the short game. Focus on the present moment and make the most of it.

To do this, you need to Escape Average Retirement. It’s time to challenge the status quo and pursue a fulfilling and exciting retirement. You can do this by joining the Badass Retirement Community – an online membership platform that provides financial guidance and lifestyle design for retirees who want to thrive. It’s for people like us – people who want more from their lives in retirement. 

The community needs you, and so do I. Let’s Escape Average Retirement together and live life to the fullest in our golden years.

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