May 21, 2023

The Retirement Myth is Offensive

The Retirement Myth is not only patronizing, but it's also downright offensive.

The idea that successful people with extensive experience, connections, wisdom, and abilities should simply pack it in and do less is absurd. It's as if society is saying, "Thank you for your time and contributions, but now it's time for the next generation to take over." But the reality is that just because someone has retired doesn't mean they are no longer capable of contributing to society in meaningful ways. Our value, purpose, and meaning don't have to retire when we do.

Retirement should be viewed as an opportunity to continue contributing to society, rather than a time to step back and do nothing.

Even if we're not working in the traditional sense, we can still produce things, mentor others, and have a meaningful impact on the world around us. In fact, retirement provides the perfect opportunity to do so. 

However, the Retirement Myth is not just patronizing -- it's also dangerous.

Millions of people retire every year at the height of their careers, just when they have the most to offer. The message that retirement sends is that it's time to say goodbye to responsibility, mentoring, creating, learning, growing, camaraderie, goals, and achievements. But this is far from the truth. Retirement doesn't have to mean the end of your contributions to society - it can be a new beginning. 

Rejecting the Retirement Myth is crucial.

The average retirement is mediocre, and settling for mediocrity should not be an option.Instead, we should demand more from our retirement years -- more adventure, more money, more joy, more challenge, and even more relaxation. Yes, relaxation is essential, but retirement should not be about endless relaxation and happiness. It should be about using your time in meaningful ways that make a difference.

Ultimately, retirement should be viewed as an opportunity to do all the things you never had the time to do before.

It's a time to explore new hobbies, interests, and passions, to travel, to learn new skills, to volunteer, and to make a difference in your community. Retirement doesn't have to be the end of your journey -- it can be the start of a new one. By rejecting the Retirement Myth and embracing all that retirement has to offer, you can live a truly badass retirement.

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